We created eLogistics to harness the power of web technology to bring new efficiency to freight transport operators. The Visual Logistics™ suite of products supports freight transport planners and traffic office managers with purpose built tools to; support their decision making; reduce the burden of their administration; improve their communication; and, step-change their efficiency.

Unlike any other so called ‘transport management system’, Visual Logistics systems leave the operator in control, ‘decision support’ does not mean ‘automated decision making’ but it does mean a lot more than ‘transport administration’. The Visual Logistics products do not replace transport optimisation systems, but rather they can integrate with, extend and enhance such systems. Additionally, the transport plan output from the visual logistics systems can be converted to an ‘event list’ output that links to vehicle telematics systems to give real-time event management and exception alerts.

At the heart of the Visual Logistics freight transport systems is a powerful match engine that identifies all of the jobs within its scope that can be done by each asset (taking account of specification, position, time, and length of shift) and all of the assets that could do each job. The scope of the system can be single site, multi-site, multi-company community or freight marketplace.

In addition to purpose built systems for freight transport operators, eLogistics GB Limited provides a range of related IT and communications services including :- Fully managed and hosted servers, IT network management, IT user support, Website development and management, Web marketing, Web-based sales lead generation, Systems Integration, Telematics systems and ePOD systems.